About Hong Kong Kehua Aviation


About Hong Kong Kehua Aviation

About Hong Kong Kehua Aviation

 Hong Kong Kehua Aviation Co., Ltd


Company Profile

Hong Kong Kehua Aviation Co., Ltd(HKKH) is established in 2007 as a flight 

crew leasing and human resources company with its headquarter in Hong Kong, 

specializing primarily in the supply of qualified crew members to airlines in 



HKKH has been working in partnership with Chinese airlines to cope with the 

shortage of experienced airline captains due to the rapid growth of Chinese 

aviation industry, a trend that is set to continue in the future as well.

Our company is amongst the first recruiting agencies working with Chinese 

airlines. Our company’s founder, Captain Lin, is a veteran pilot with Air China 

formore than 30 years. During which time he has built not only comprehensive 

aviation knowledge, but also extensive network within the China aviation space, 

an asset that has proven to be extremely valuable to the company. 


This local knowledge has enabled us to quickly establish ourselves as a reliable 

recruiting agency in the eyes of Chinese airlines, and also enabled us to keep up with the latest changes of Chinese aviation industry.

To date HKKH has already recruited more than 70 pilots for Chinese domestic 

airlines, who come from all over the world including Brazil, Korea, Argentina, 

America, Russia, Canada and so on. We have also assisted Chinese airlines in 

preparation of road shows overseas. 


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